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1975 Glastron GT-160

1975 Glastron GT-160 blue and white
1970 Mercury 1150 115HP Tower of Power
1990 EZ Loader trailer

asking $1500

For sale 1975 Glastron GT-160
(similar to the James Bond boat in Live and Let Die although one foot longer in length.)

This will need to be a project boat for someone as the transom has become weakened.

Things that are good:
• new wiring harness from MerControl box to the engine
• new ignition switch
• new choke button
• new switches in trim control unit
• new battery
• interior is all original and except for a cigarette burn on drivers seat, the upholstery is in excellent shape
• all stickers on exterior of the boat are new
• new sparkplugs
• new fuel line from tanks to engine
• fitted canvas tonneau cover - has some (repairable) tears

• transom is leaking and should probably be replaced
• there is a rub-through or dock rash on the starboard front top of the boat
• engine could use a carburetor cleaning/ possible rebuild
• trim units need refurbishment/ possible rebuild - they go up and down but don't hold in upright position
• steering can be hard - haven’t gotten into that yet

It’s been a fun boat! The boat has only been used in fresh water. The previous owner kept it garaged and only launched it on weekends and took it back out again. I garaged it over the first winter, but it spent the last two years under a tarp after winterizing.


PHONE: 508.361.3809


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